samedi 18 février 2012

1313 rue Morgue

(english bio following)

Surnom: The Mad Monster Manor, Le manoir monstrueux, The Castle Creeper.

Taille: 3 étages.

Poids: environ 700 tonnes.

Age: 256 ans.

Lieu de naissance: Kingsport, Massachusetts (États-Unis).

Prises favorites: la matraque de maison hantée, la savate du sous-sol, la taloche du train fantôme.

Citation: "ENTREZ à vos risques et périls!"

. . .

The Mad Monster Manor

Nickname: Le manoir monstrueux, 1313 rue Morgue, The Castle Creeper.

Height: 3 stories.

Weight: roughly 700 tons.

Age: 256 years.

Lives: Kingsport, Massachusetts, USA.

Signature moves: The Haunted House hurl, the Slamming Door Drop,
the Basement Boot.

Quote: "Enter if you dare..."

This little monster is dedicated to the fine, fine crew of Rue Morgue Radio, the world original all-horror podcast who ceased chanting their marvellously wicked tunes and reports earlier this year.

Many thanks to Tomb Dragomir, Liisa Ladouceur, Shannon, Last Chance Chance and the Godfather of Horror Talk Radio Mr Stuart "Feedback" Andrew and all the others. You guys had me discover music, movie and artists from the whole dark spectrum of horror and have been my weekly monster candy for years.

Best of luck on your new creeping endeaviour,
- Charles-Emmanuel, aka Bonhomme

Les sketcheurs cosmiques had already spoke of Rue Morgue here (Tony Dalton interview), here (Ray Harryhausen interview part 1), here (Ray Harryhausen part 2) and here (about the podcast in general) but be sure to visit the Rue Morgue archives for more!

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Incredibilous Rex!!!!!
J'en veux une action figure sur mon bureau!!!!
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